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Placebo, Nocebo; Gaming the Autonomic Nervous System

What if we could invoke healing via the Placebo Effect?

Deconstructing the Placebo Effect

The Common Denominator of All Disease; Part Two...... Is Chronic Disease Just Aging?

The Common Denominator of All Disease; Part Two......   Is Chronic Disease Just Aging?

Is there a difference between Aging and Chronic Disease?

From my previous article, "Is this the Common Denominator of All Disease?"

Is This The Common Denominator Of All Disease?

Pigeonholing Diseases

Diseases display a variety of symptoms, but curiously enough, there is a common denominator!

When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home... Covering Up the Toxic Truth of PTSD

When Johnny Comes Marchin Home...Covering Up the Toxic Truth of PTSD

When pharmaceutical and talk therapies fail with those suffering from PTSD, consider the brain's environment...Detox!

It's Always the Oxygen...Really

It's Always the Oxygen...Really

The most important medicine is invisible, mostly free and usually overlooked.  Natural therapies can help keep your body healthy on a cellular level.


The Rebirth of Broth: Peasant Superfood and Ultimate Beauty Secret

The Rebirth of Broth; Peasant Superfood and Ultimate Beauty Secret

Homemade broth can restore your joints, blood vessels, skin, bone, intestines and more...
We argue over the great nutritional deficiencies of our time.  Some say omega 3's, others propose low mineral levels like magnesium, selenium, zinc, while still others cite the lack of every vitamin, fruit, vegetable, herb, spice and amino acid.  Sure!  They are all correct, more or less.

Mainstream Medical Myths / Alternative Healing Pitfalls

Mainstream Medical Myths / Alternative Healing Pitfalls

Staying healthy is hard enough without intentional disinformation.  Basic science and logic can reveal the life-saving truths forbidden by our medical industrial complex and corporate media.

Coffee, Tea, Turmeric and Beyond: Zero-In On Essential Polyphenols

Coffee, Tea, Turmeric and Beyond: Zero-In on Essential Polyphenols by Capt. Randall

The Coming Revolution in Medicine

Cutting Through The Vitamin C(onfusion)

Vitamin C(onfusion)

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive.  Safer than water.   Able to stop a fatal disease in its tracks...It's Super-C!  So why all the controversy and confusion on how to use this simple tool?

Vitamin C was discovered by Albert Szent -Gyorgyi, heralded by Linus Pauling, denounced by the AMA, branded a dangerous placebo by Dr. Paul Offit and questioned on form by natural health advocates.  Its therapeutic value has been evidenced by dozens of physicians including Drs. Rath, Klenner and Klinghardt and by contemporary researchers Drs. Hickey, Roberts, Saul, Wright and Levy, to name just a few.  Much of the misinformation on Vitamin C comes straight out of supplement marketing.  A quick read of blog articles (like this one) and the public comments that follow will reveal a high level of cluelessness.

Over the years I have read:

  • Vitamin C is acidic. That is true of the ascorbic acid form which is so sour one would be hard put to take a few hundred milligrams by mouth.
  • Only complexed Vitamin C should be taken. That is generally true. Fresh whole fruits, berries, herbs and vegetable come packed in an array of phyto-antioxidants as do their derivatives in natural supplements. The exception would be when higher therapeutic doses are desired to halt oxidative stress, infections and to mobilize metals during detoxification.
  • Vitamin C should not be taken when kidney function is in question.  That is true. Kidney stones however are not a result of Vitamin C use.
  • Vitamin C will not cure the common cold. That is true just because the common cold is not actually a disease, but a cell cleansing event aided by resident symbiotic virus.  A thorough detoxification of metals will prevent the discomfort of colds when "the system is down for maintenance."
  • Lipospheric Vitamin C is the preferred form.  Lipo-C  maintains serum levels longer than water soluble forms and is thought to be well absorbed due to its fat soluble characteristics. However Lipo-C does not seem to deliver a mega ascorbate spike that prompts H2O2 release or an "oxidative burst."  Lipo-C is the goto source for those with poor bowel tolerance to ascorbate and could be used in conjunction. Lipo-C can be easily made in a blender or ultrasonic device using either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate and preferably non-soy lecithin. Recipes are on the internet.

Vitamin C  is the common name for ascorbic acid. Vitamin C/ascorbic acid becomes acid neutralized to yield the non-sour ascorbate form using sodium bicarbonate in water to yield sodium ascorbate and CO2 gas. As it is swallowed, ascorbate rapidly enters the bloodstream and cell membranes aided by transport molecules.  Since glucose and ascorbate are similar molecules they share transport mechanisms and may compete for entry through cell membranes.

Wherever an oxidized molecule is found, ascorbate donates an electron.

Free radicals and acids, constantly being generated via metabolic oxidation, toxins, radiations, emotional stress and inflammatory response, are suppressed by Vitamin C.   Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antimetastatic. Many common foods exhibit antioxidant activity and are rated as to strength on the ORAC scale, oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

Vitamin C also resupplies fat and membrane protective Vitamin E with electrons and reduces iron so they can both deliver oxygen more efficiently.

Ascorbate synergizes with R Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin K2 according to Drs. Hickey & Roberts. C also reinforces and protects the plant sourced rainbow of antioxidant pigments.

Along with Vitamin E and the amino acids lysine and proline found in collagen-rich bone/cartilage soups, Vitamin C helps construct all connective tissues that make up blood vessel, bone, ligament, cartilage and skin!

Toxic metals are relieved of their positive charge by C's electron inputs.  Vitamin C neutralizes charge killing metals that are then mobilized to float free in blood and lymph and become chelated in the intestines, passed through the kidneys or eliminated in sweat.

At peak dosage, Vitamin C generates H2O2 in an oxidative burst which helps destroy damaged cells, organic toxins, cancers and pathogenic bacteria.  Purely oxidative therapies accomplish this task and stimulate a rebound in cellular production of glutathione via redox signalling. Oxidative therapies using hydrogen peroxide can be used in rotation for a 1-2 punch. We might have better clinical data were these therapies not officially forbidden.

Vitamin C's electrons supercharge immune cells like the macrophages that reside in lung, liver, adipose and connective tissues.

The best method for oral use is to mix Vitamin C crystals (ascorbic acid) with half as much Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (contains no aluminum) and let fizz in half a glass of water.  A level teaspoon supplies 2.25 grams of Vitamin C  or 2250 milligrams.  A rounded teaspoon is about 5 grams and a heaping teaspoon 7 to 8 grams. Exact measurement is unnecessary since personal doses must be individually titrated and maintained just below bowel tolerance.  Bowel tolerance is the point at which diarrhea ensues, so by eye, use just a little less.  Oral megadosing is best done before meals and at bedtime. Four to five doses a day can total 20, 3O or 40 grams. Vitamin C crystals can be purchased in 3lb jars and larger bulk quantities.

In acute illness, huge doses of 100 grams or more of sodium ascorbate go directly into the blood stream via IV.  Though scores of lives have been saved with IV Vitamin C, hospitals cruelly refuse to administer it. I personally keep the phone numbers of local clinics who can perform this intervention should emergency arise.

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